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Foolish: My walk into obedience

" _For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom."_
In a world where almost everybody is becoming self-centered and self-conscious, it is very easy to follow society's trends and its currents. How do you remain still when everything around you is spinning?
Why would you give away what you need for yourself? Why would you quit your job, your only source of income when you are a single parent? Why would you uproot your family and move to a place where you've never been before?
This book will answer these questions and many more. Camille Babin takes us into various chapters of her life with the hope to inspire others to choose a path of obedience and faith without hesitation. Scars can make us look different, feel uncomfortable around others but in this journey she teaches us how to gracefully embrace the pain of the past, walk through the struggle of the present and boldly step into the hope of the future.

“In the most captivating and transparent way, Camille unselfishly reveals what true obedience to God looks like through vivid details of her own journey. As I read this book, I became so excited until I couldn’t put it down until I completed it. I saw myself in several aspects of the book as it made me reflect upon myself, my journey in trusting and obeying God; including my marriage. This book is definitely an eye opener as well as serves as redirection to its readers. It allows us to push past SELF and truly surrender to God. Through Camille’s journey, we are all able to see God take an imperfectly flawed person and make them whole again through the binding of His love. I highly recommend this book and feel without a shadow of doubt that a shift in the drift will definitely take place!"


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