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let your pain speak.png

Transform your pain into power!

Pain is God's Plan to Awaken and Inspire you to move to the Next level"This is what the Lord is telling you today: a very precious jewel will come out of your tears, out of your pain. You are a diamond in the making. Shine into your purpose. Let your power be revealed."

let your pain speak.png

Let your pain speak

You were born with a purpose. Assigned a particular mission to fulfill, a precise line of people to impact or influence. And the puzzle of your life may come with various pieces. Some look so insignificant that you may want to discard them, while others are so ugly you will think they will ruin the design. But once you put them all together, the image will come out very beautifully.

Every story is unique. Every chapter is different. Some are more difficult than others, but in the end they each have a part to play. And they help bring the mosaic to life. Embrace your story. Transform your pain into purpose.

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