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“Scarcely had I passed them when I found the one my heart loves…” Song of Solomon 3:4 They heard the roar; they thought it was a lion. They looked and there she was! Finally, she had found her inner voice, and nothing could keep her silent. She had an encounter with Him, her life was forever changed. There was no need to run or hide, she was ready to face her fears. Because she wasn’t alone anymore. With Him, her Maker, her Savior, she could do anything…in spite of the fear. Fearless is a collection of devotionals inspired by the stories of women in the Bible, to uplift and challenge every woman to be brave and bold, to walk in the freedom of Christ, and fulfill their God given destiny. When we realize that our story is not much different than someone else, it emboldens us and pushes us to act beyond our fears. In this book, you will also find testimonies from women of this era, who have found their roar because of the Lord Jesus Christ. The story of their transformation and how you, too can find purpose and joy in the Lord!


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